I had the new Shake Shack green chile cheeseburger. Here’s what it’s like:

The official name of this beautiful bastard is the Green Chile CheddarShack Burger. 

As guy with New Mexico roots who’s had his share of green chile burgers, I happily welcome this new and majestic feast to Denver.

This is gonna sound like a first date with a burger, so let’s make it so.

Before I first met GCCSB, I was invited to a VIP “housewarming” event a couple of days before the official opening of the new Denver Shake Shack location at 30th and Larimer.

It officially opens on March 21st, so I’m among the first people to put my lips on GCCSB.

I knew I was going to meet GCCSB, so I was on my best behavior and knew I couldn’t scream like a little girl when I would first lay eyes on it.

As I walked into the crowded event, a Shake Shack employee was standing there with a tray of GCCSBs, nicely arranged in a row. I grabbed one, sat down, and got to business.

GCCSB isn’t a typical chile cheeseburger. This is different.

The chile is crunchy and isn’t roasted. There’s also pickled jalapeños mixed with the anaheim chile peppers (I’m not sure yet if they’re Hatch chile peppers) along with sport peppers. This gives the burger somewhat of a sweet taste.

It also isn’t spicy. I understand Shake Shack puts vinegar in the burger to bring down the kick, which for me, is *tad* of a let down, but it’s cool.

Was it a bad date? Hell no.

It was great.

I hope to see GCCSB again, and again, and again.

It’s a nice twist from a typical green chile cheeseburger.

But will it be my main squeeze?

Only when I’m here in Denver…..

A few moments after my first date with Shake Shack’s new green chile cheeseburger, aka, Green Chile CheddarShack Burger. 

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