I just tried the new ride-sharing electric scooters hitting Denver

It’s called Lime-S and you’ll start to see loads of these electric scooters around downtown Denver today.

I geeked out when a coworker told me about today’s roll out, so I downloaded the Lime app, created an account, and quickly found a scooter near my place during the lunch break.

Once I walked up to the scooter, I clicked on the unlock icon in the app. Then my phone’s camera opened up so I could take a picture of the QR code on the handlebars.


Within seconds the scooter unlocked. It was either my phone or the scooter that made an interesting sound signaling I was good to go.

I headed back to work on the Cherry Creek bike trail from the REI store at Confluence Park.

Lime says the scooters top out at 14.9 mph since most cities have a 15 mph limit.

During today’s ride, the odometer on the scooter flashed up to 16 and 17 mph once or twice along the trail. I tried to kept it at 15 mph the whole way.

I  passed some people on bikes while other people passed me. I got some interesting looks as I glided along the trail.

The scooter itself is very light and gave me a feeling I was 6 inches taller.

Taking even one hand off the handlebars increases the wobbliness of the ride. Gotta be careful with that.

With both hands, it’s a stable ride but I can see cases where people may crash if they’re not careful.

When it came time to end the ride, I opened up the app and clicked on the end ride icon. The scooter made a noise signaling it was locked. I parked it by the curbside so other users could find and grab it.


I was charged $2.25 for a three mile ride. Worth it?

I think so since it took me only about 14 minutes to get to work from home. I didn’t have to deal with traffic and the weather was awesome.


Overall, it was a very easy and efficient experience.

You can see the company’s FAQ here. 


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