See you next year, Twitter

Twitter is at its best when we can see instantaneous news, images and videos as incidents and events like natural disasters and Super Bowls unfold in real time. 

It’s often a fun place, and a crucially useful place, especially for public safety in an age of mass shootings and societal unrest. 

Ironically, Twitter has been doing what it does best as thousands of people comment and watch in realtime what seems to be its own chaotic demise.

The big unfolding event is now Twitter. 

I’m not sure where the site is going from here as people speculate about its shut down and ruin. 

I suspect Twitter will still be around for a long time, but it will end up more like an abandoned Spencers Gift shop or a disheveled department store in a defunct shopping mall. I may be wrong. 

When Twitter’s billionaire owner tweeted out a conspiracy news site soon after his $44 billion dollar purchase, then claimed he wants the site to be an accurate place for news, I knew the bird was headed straight for the glass window. 

Mix in massive Twitter resignations and the owner’s unbridled arrogance, and now the site has become weird.

Twitter is not an electric car or a rocket. Twitter is its own society and when you try to box it up, and sell it back for $8, it ain’t gonna love you back. Musk doesn’t seem to get it.

In 2008, when I first tweeted and started using the platform to share real time observations and news as a local journalist, there was a sense of new magic as Twitter evolved into one of the greatest tools for news dissemination. 

Now it’s the greatest tool for tools who see Musk as some sort of genuine humanitarian and savior of social media.

I’ve always had my issues with Twitter, with its inherent problems of misinformation and toxic anonymous trolls. However, those issues were tolerable when we’d all collectively comment on Super Bowl shows or express disgust when our Capitol was overrun by an angry and gullible mob. 

Twitter doesn’t feel the same and I’m going to step back and come back in 2023 after the holidays and see how our beloved hellscape has improved. 

I’m taking a break to focus on Christmas lights and spoiling my toddler. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook in the meantime.

I hope all of you who follow me on Twitter have a great holiday season and awesome New Year. 

See you next year!

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