Sex & drugs in Denver’s library – inside the “Ban Book”

While investigating skyrocketing crime and overdoses at Denver’s main library, I was able to take a look inside the “Ban Book” used by security officers to stop those who are banned from entering.

It contains pages upon pages of people caught doing…..uh…..some really bad things inside the library.

I covered faces and names of the people in the book because I haven’t confirmed any official law enforcement action on these particular cases.

Here’s the cover. A three-ringed binder. It’s really thick and organized by month.


The most egregious case I found in the book is probably this guy:


The Legacy Room is where the library keeps the table used in the 1997 G8 Summit that occurred in Denver:

Unknown Female

You can see a dude walking behind her in the women’s restroom.


This kind of thing seems to be common. This guy isn’t the only one…..caught.


The book contains loads of people caught shooting up inside the library. It’s only May, and the book was quite thick with many of these cases:


The library bathrooms contain sharps containers, which are always full of needles. This woman apparently dropped her syringe right in front of library staff:


The book also contains people who have been repeatedly told they’ve been banned. They don’t get the hint and somehow manage to sneak past security, like this guy:


This man seems to be a repeat problem for security.


During my time at the library, I noticed a few people come and go who seemed clearly agitated and perhaps under the influence. Here’s a shirtless guy creating a frustrating scene:


Another guy who’s deemed to be uncooperative.



Again, the above pages are only a small fraction of the ban book.

I thought it was interesting people who make the book can be allowed back in the library if they have a talk with security and sign some sort of behavior agreement.



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