Why I switched to this LOUD-ASS mechanical keyboard

I remember the day, sometime in the mid 80s, when my dad brought home an IBM personal computer.

It was beige, heavy and clunky.

And the keyboard, which is considered one of the greatest keyboards of all times, was LOUD.

IMB’s Model M – Hello Gramps! (via pcworld.com)

I remember learning how to type with my 8-year-old fingers trying to reach the home keys.

The buttons were big and boxy and each gave a loud, delightful audible KLICK when pressed.

Klick, klack…. Klick, klack…. Klick, klack….

Everyone in the house knew when someone was on the computer.

Over the years, technology has allowed keyboards to evolve with flattened buttons and minimal noise. Typing doesn’t sound like it used to.


A couple of weeks ago my new mechanical keyboard arrived:

My new mechanical keyboard. I can type “arrogant” and “loud” really fast.

If you google “mechanical keyboards,” you’ll find loads of companies that make them for people who wish to travel back and feel that old school feeling. I got mine on Amazon for about $35. Not bad.

My new keyboard feels just like that old IBM classic, but with a nice makeover. It’s black and has some sweet backlit blue lighting. Keyboard, have you been working out?

The keys are raised like little volcanos and each one makes a loud KLACK when pressed.

Here’s a little video I made to illustrate the difference:

When I type, it feels like I’m actually typing and getting shit done.

It’s like a Prius versus a Mustang. Sometimes it feels good to press the pedals and get an audible response. Sup, ladies…..I can type 80 wpm on this sweet baby. 

For now my mechanical keyboard is working just fine, although I may soon become the office pariah with the noise.

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