Denver brewery blasts thieves caught on camera

UPDATE: The brewery has removed the video from its Instagram account. 

Operation Dino Planter has been exposed and put on blast. 

A brewery’s video capturing the theft of a dinosaur planter is getting quite the reaction online.

(As of right now, it’s the top post in the Denver sub-reddit.)


The video (see link above), posted by Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company, shows a woman grabbing the planter and then placing it under her coat before splitting the scene with her cohort.

In the Instagram comments, the brewery’s followers are calling for the public shaming to continue.

The brewery indicates it knows who the couple are by checking transaction history.

“…with some VERY light internet stalking we were able to figure out they’re on vacation for their 1st wedding anniversary,” the brewery said in one of the comments.

Another person questioned the posting of the video saying, “I dunno about public shaming someone when you have their card info. Maybe a face blur. We’ve all made dumb decisions.”

Perhaps the real crime here….the couple didn’t even finish their beer.

I’ll keep you updated if the SWAT team makes a bust.

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