A return to what I miss

Three years ago I held a silent funeral before my computer screen.

With a heavy sigh, I navigated through the online confirmation process to forever and permanently delete my blog at http://www.jeremyjojola.com.

I remember holding my finger over the mouse button before that final fatal click wondering if it was a good idea.

Jesus, that was a mistake.

Hundreds of my postings disappeared in a second. A nuclear explosion on the binary level.

Instant decimation.

Some of those posts garnered great traffic and I fondly remember the thrill of seeing my website referenced in some widely read articles and publications.

Now I’m back as a guilty executioner hoping to find again what I miss the most about writing—freedom and space.

When I hit the delete button in 2014, I thought Facebook and Twitter were ultimately the best places to share my thoughts and experiences. As I succumbed to their expanding universe and power, I believed my own website became an obsolete speck of dust.

I was wrong.

While extremely effective tools at sharing photos and my experiences, I find Facebook and Twitter to be distractions, especially over the last year.

I’d open up the social media apps to post something, but instantly I’d end up getting distracted by the outrageousness in the newsfeeds.

I became addicted to the endless scroll. You know what I’m talking about. That non-stop conveyer belt of sweet information that rewards the pleasure centers of the ever hungry human brain.

Oh look, what’s this political car wreck today? There’s an absurd story I’ve got to read. That guy said that?! What’s trending? Is that fucking giraffe giving birth yet?

I’ve been consuming more than creating more.

And when I write and post something, I feel like I’m trying to squeeze my words on the same notepad millions of others are using at the same time.

Digital cholesterol has clogged my mind, in a way, and I can almost feel it’s hard for me to write again like I used to.

I can’t let that happen. I miss that piece of me.

So here I am again.

This new site, www.jeremy.press, will be my refuge from the distraction of social media – a way for me to get back to what I miss.

I know it may seem absurd to launch a new site while admitting a potential social media addiction, but I believe what we consume online is just as important as our own food diets.

The human mind is inherently hungry and this is my way to run on the track rather than sit in the cafeteria for seconds.

We are what we read.

We are what we write.

I hope to post here at least once a week.

So thanks for reading.

(Man, I miss writing that.)