We are the enemies….

…. of corrupt officials.

…. of fake news.

…. of bad journalism.

…. of public records deniers.

…. of bad cops.

…. of bad judges.

…. of shady government contracts.

…. of those who exploit the poor for profit.

…. of scam artists who target your grandma.

…. of unjust and outdated laws.

…. of bad businesses.

…. of bogus charities.

…. of those who are inhumane to animals.

…. of the potholes on your street.

…. of broken city services.

…. of lead tainted water.

…. of dangerous buildings.

…. of crumbling bridges and roads.

…. of lazy officials.

…..of no care for veterans.

…..of debilitating health care costs.

…..of no help for people with mental illness.

…..of broken promises.

…. of racists.

…. of bigots.

…. of ignorance.

…. of lies.

…. of the people?!


We are family members.

We are friends.

We are stressed out moms and dads.

We are stuck in traffic with you.

We pray next to you.

We cry in movies.

We laugh at ourselves.

We are patriotic.

We love our country.



7 thoughts on “We are the enemies….

  1. Stacey Carpenter

    Not enemies, but as someone who worked for news media and took journalism classes in college…..I know that reporting in a byiest manner and interjecting personal opinion is not responsible reporting. There is no room for personal opinion. You’re obligated by the highest moral standards to report all news stories not just the ones that work in your favor. Balanced news.


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