A disturbing child abuse photo we all must see

I’ve seen my share of horrific events and crime scenes.

Nothing comes close to the photo below.


Prosecutors say Gabriel Trujillo, 4, was tortured and starved in the months before his death.

The first time I saw it, I was in the courtroom for a child abuse trial.

You may not like that I posted this image and you may feel it’s exploitative.

I posted this photo because we need to see images like this to remind us child abuse is a very real reality.

We hear about it, but we often don’t see it.

This little boy lived a torturous life in the months before he died, according to prosecutors.

The least we can do is acknowledge his pain and suffering and try to remember there are thousands of other children out there like him who are still alive.

Reporting child abuse is important.  You may save a life.

Yes, it may be uncomfortable, but that awkwardness doesn’t compare to the pain and suffering that needs to be stopped.

This little boy WAS four-year-old Gabriel Trujillo, a victim of severe child abuse who eventually died last year.

Weeks after this photo was taken, Gabriel passed away as a result of a severe head injury.

This little boy, according to prosecutors, was beaten, tortured, starved and forced to stand naked outside in the cold as punishment.

Prosecutors said in court that the above photo captures a moment when his grandmother, Becky Trujillo, would force the little boy to stand in front of the bathroom mirror and repeat the words, “I am a monster.”

Becky Trujillo escaped a first degree murder conviction during her trial.

Instead, the jury convicted the grandmother of a lesser charge…negligent child abuse resulting in great bodily harm.

While we haven’t heard from members of the jury, it’s clear they did believe the grandmother was responsible for negligence and child abuse.

You can read more about Gabriel’s story here.  

3 thoughts on “A disturbing child abuse photo we all must see

  1. Tracy Caruso

    OMG Jeremy…..This sickens me………As much as I did not want to see this, I agree it is important to get this stuff out there. I would not have known otherwise if you had not posted it. I don’t know the whole story yet but, I am upset as to why anyone received any kind of lesser charge here. This is pure evil…………

  2. Kim

    Thanks for getting these stories out! These are the sides that need to be heard and seen. Children have no voice unless someone concerned enough with them as a human being brings them to light for the rest of the world to pay attention to. Child abuse is a horrific crime that needs to have a face put on it! Keep reporting…..KW from Albuquerque

  3. Amy

    I cant believe the shitty system we have ..LOOK AT THAT BOY
    Becky has earned her place to burn in hell. RIP Gabriel your safe in the God’s arms. <3


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