It’s time to unseal more theater shooting documents

As of this posting, it has been 236 days since the Aurora theater shooting. 

While it’s the court’s job and priority to make sure the suspect receives a fair trial, courts are also sacred places in our democracy where transparency is a vital ingredient to integrity.

While there have been numerous court hearings, dozens and dozens of legal motions, an intense preliminary hearing with 911 audio and photos, and now an arraignment, there are still questions.

The probable cause statement and search warrants still remain under seal.  

These documents may reveal more about what happened before the shooting, the suspect’s behavior, and who interacted with him.   

We still don’t know why this tragedy happened and we may never know. 

Prosecutors have vaguely mentioned the suspect’s “downward spiral” in court documents. 

What was this downward spiral about?  How much mental health help, if any, did the suspect seek before the shooting? Who else was involved in the suspect’s life before the shooting?  What did they know?  

The sealed documents, if they contain psychiatric history, could also give more insight into how Dr. Lynne Fenton may have handled the suspect.  Her reputation has likely been affected based on media reports she allegedly didn’t do enough to stop the massacre.  Fenton has been mentioned in numerous tort claims and in at least one lawsuit for not initiating a 72-hour psychiatric hold.  

The releasing of the probable cause statement, depending on what it contains, could put to rest rumors and false facts that have circulated since July 20th

The public, the victims and their families still have many questions.

It has been eight months since the horrible incident.  The suspect has been charged and arraigned.  It’s time to unseal. 

Hopefully, with this renewed focus by the media to push for the unsealing of the documents, more answers may be revealed. 

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