The Second Day

The Two 911 Tapes

These were difficult.

The first one was 27 seconds long.   We could hear about 30 gun shots (by one detective’s count) in the background.   That’s around one per second.   It conjured a chaotic, horrific scene.

The second 911 tape was the most difficult.  Complete desperation as a 14-year-old girl pleaded for help as she was checking the pulse of her two fatally wounded cousins.  Describing the fear and despair is a lost task.

There must be many victims from that theater who have no physical wounds.

The Apartment, Guns & Ammo, and the Planning

From the massive amounts of ammo purchases beginning in May to the sophistication of home-made explosives in the apartment, it is apparent there was long-term planning with intricate, methodical detail that occurred for months.

At this point, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that the people around the suspect, from his family, friends and fellow students, knew about what was happening in secret.

The fact the suspect was described as methodical may be hard for his defense team to reach the state established threshold of insanity, if they take that road.

However, Dr. Max Wachtel, a criminal forensic psychologist, did tell me once during an interview there are mental conditions that allow people to function in reality while lost in their own conceived “comic book” world.

There are many people who believe, including some victims, that the suspect is faking his mental illness.

2 thoughts on “The Second Day

  1. Kristin Autumn

    Thank you Jeremy for being an honest and unbiased reporter and giving us the facts and leaving it up to us to form our own opinions! I truly truly respect and look up to you for this!

  2. Rob Owens

    Thanks for sharing! Although, there’s an outcry for no coverage of this evil man on the news, there are some of us normal folks that are intrigued by the investigations of criminal cases like this. How long until they move to an actual trial? It seems they are doing alot of preliminary hearings just to get to a trial?


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