BLOG: What’s up with Pat Sullivan’s cane?

Sullivan seen without his cane during surveillance and Sullivan at court in the public eye.

On Tuesday I sat in court and heard a probation officer call former sheriff Pat Sullivan “manipulative” and dishonest.

This made me think about what I observed of Sullivan when he knew he was being watched and when he didn’t think a camera was recording his behavior.

Every time I’ve seen Sullivan show up to court, he’s used a cane.   He even used it when he bonded out of jail and was swarmed by news cameras.

But for some reason Sullivan didn’t use his cane once during time I spent doing some surveillance.

When I first heard the former sheriff was violating his probation, I spent four days doing surveillance to see if Sullivan was doing anything against the terms of his probation.

I saw Sullivan NUMEROUS times walking around WITHOUT his cane. There were even times I saw him loading some things into his car.  I saw him walk into a hospital.  I even saw him walk into a drug testing facility, all without his cane.  He does walk with a slight limp even when he is not using it.

But for some reason, when Sullivan is surrounded by news cameras and going to court, he uses the cane.  Here’s a brief video I made showing  what I saw during my surveillance:

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