Silence over the death of a little boy

Andres Estrada was 6 years old when he was killed. Documents say he wasn’t potty trained.

There is something suspicious going on in Federal Heights.

Or at least that’s what I’m lead to believe given the lack of transparency and the silence in the horrible case of Andres Estrada.

Before he was killed while riding his tricycle in the street, there were numerous calls to police by neighbors who complained about seeing Andres constantly riding his bike, sometimes in diapers, in the busy road.

The Adams County Human Services Department also sent caseworkers to the home based on complaints regarding neglect and no supervision.   That agency isn’t talking either as it cites privacy laws.

The silence does not mean mistakes were made in the handling of Estrada’s case before he was killed……but it certainly increases suspicion that the two agencies may be hiding something.

Tonight at 9 and 10, we’ll show you how a lack of transparency in child welfare cases makes it easy for agencies to escape accountability.


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