How gag orders can create more publicity

My drive to get information is often fueled by the intensity of public interest.

The Aurora theater shooting case continues to be one of the most read news items on, even when mundane court procedural developments are published.

For now the gag order and sealed documents keep much of the significant details about the case secret.

What did the suspect allegedly say and do before the shooting?




But as the famous Streisand effect goes, the more you try to keep something secret, the more interesting it becomes.

The unknown becomes a story in itself. When there is no public official to quote or court document to attribute, reporters cite sources.

Those sources may not have accurate information which is then spread exponentially through other media outlets that may attribute the reporter with the bad source.

Ironically the gag-order, which is designed to limit pre-trial publicity, actually has a negative side-effect of what judges and attorneys don’t want—more publicity.

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3 thoughts on “How gag orders can create more publicity

  1. Beatrice Tatarian

    The thing about different websites giving some vital stats on James. That is what I’m talking about here. Notice the mention of his height. Yes, 4 or 5 different heights for the same man! He’s 5’11″ accoring to his booking into jail info. His Wikipedia stats has him at 6’3″!!! His social media sites says he’s 6’1″ and someone online mention his FBI official stats had him at 6″2″! Something is definately going on here, but what, for crying out loud??? His booking info for his jail stay must be his real height but WHY would all other sources make him taller? Wikipedia having him MUCH taller!

  2. Beatrice Tatarian

    Also any gag order on anything makes the whole story more interesting. Background info on James makes him interesting . To me , anyway, James cute face and unshaven look and unusual hair color makes him look interesting and he is young and attractive. Most murderers are not. So, anyway, ontop of that his look and expressions on his face in court make him look adorable and vulnerable. So, on top of all that there’s the gag order? Not to mention all that firepower available to him when he did that BAD thing! this guy is interesting times a thousand if you ask me!Smart and otherwise a good little boy,or used to be… the list goes on and on.


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