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That angel photo is not what you think it is….

Two times within the past several weeks we received this photo of a cloud that looks like an angel:

This photo has been circulating around the internet for a while. Two people have sent it to 9News claiming they took the photo.

The two people who sent the photo to 9News either say they or a family member took the photo in Colorado Springs or Aurora.

Why would they lie?

Here’s a link showing a blogger who claims the photo was taken by their family member in the Midwest.

Another link says it was seen in South Africa.

A lot of other people online say the photo was taken just after the theater shooting in Colorado.

Not true.

A reverse Google image search shows this image has been circulating through the internet many many months before the shooting.

Inside James Holmes’ apartment

The appetite for new updates in the theater shooting case remains constant as a gag order restricts the flow of new information.

And even minor details, such as what the suspect had on the walls of his booby trapped apartment become the focus of news and online discussion.

The Denver Post featured a brief article about the Soldiers of Misfortune poster James Holmes had on his wall. 

A while ago, I came across an AP photo showing a zombie  poster inside his apartment. I knew I’ve seen the poster somewhere, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then while scrolling online, I found the poster for sale here.   Considering the suspect was a neurosciences student, he may have found the BRAINS poster some sort of amusing novelty item.

AP photo. The zombie poster inside Holmes’ apartment.

Perhaps these minor details could provide some sort of perspective …….or maybe not.   However minor, they are still details.

As for his apartment, Holmes was officially evicted last week.

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