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BLOG: On Parker Water Spending

Taxpayers and people who pay a public utility often struggle when writing out checks they have no choice to write-out.

This is why looking at government spending, even on the micro level, is crucial.  Budgets in homes across the country are tight, so we expect the government to tighten its spending.  The small things, like numerous lunch meetings, can add up.

One dollar may be a drop in the bucket for agencies like Parker Water District, but for those who’ve been hit hard by this economy, that one dollar means so much.

This is why I chose to look at credit card expenses within the Parker Water District.   Often credit card spending can reflect the attitude within a public agency of how well public dollars are treated.

It’s easy to swipe a credit card without thought, but when it comes to public money, public officials should be thinking long and hard about how their constituents would feel about the purchase, no matter how big or small.

If most of us in this country can’t afford a $560 detail job on our cars, should a government official get that perk?

In my Monday night story, you heard District Manger Frank Jaeger refer to Parker Water as a “multimillion dollar corporation.”   It’s easy to say that when your customers have no choice but to pay the “corporation” or have their services cut-off.

In reality Parker Water is not a technically a business.  It’s a government agency created by the state legislature years ago and is considered a political subdivision of Colorado.  It’s beholden to the rate-payers and to the tax-payers.

As water rates rise and homeowners see their taxes go up at the discretion of the “corporation,” the questions must be raised… Parker Water a business, a government agency or a monopoly?  Is this good business/government sense?

While some may view my report on Parker Water spending nit picky, often among many struggling taxpayers, principle has a value far grater than price.

Thanks for watching.